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Patrick is an actor, writer, and comedian originally from Akron, Ohio who splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City. 

He performs standup regularly in Los Angeles and tours the country. 


He's studied acting under Lesly Kahn,  Sue Hamilton, The Groundlings, Berg Studios and Carol Gordon-Morra. See his IMDB for various projects.

Patrick co-hosts an ADHD podcast called No Pill Friday along with rising comedian Audrey Stewart. It's a fun look into the world of ADHD where they shed light on this neurobehavioral disorder.

In addition to acting and standup, Patrick has taken meetings with Point Grey, Scooter Braun Productions, Amazon, Hulu and others for a few of his scripts.

Every year Patrick hosts an annual comedy show entitled The Art Show hosted in Akron, OH. All proceeds go to VH1's Save the Music which helps keep arts programs alive in public school systems. The arts saved Patrick in more ways than one and he believes they're vital in every child's growth. 

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Management: Kreativ Artists

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Agent: Henderson Represents Inc.

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